Mastermind Peer Group Coaching

Mastermind Peer Group


The Mastermind Roundtable is a group coaching program designed for growth-minded business owners seeking to get their company to the next level. The heart of our Network is found in a group of non-competitive business owners meeting together weekly for accountability and monthly for training, coaching and networking. Quarterly offsite meetings are also part of the program. Two options to choose from.

Space is LIMITED and, unfortunately, we cannot accept everyone who applies.

This program has the blueprint, tools and resources you need to become a multi-million dollar success

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  • 4x month group coaching calls
  • 1x month training/education call
  • Access to training/template vault
  • Group forum for daily motivation
  • LIVE quarterly events
  • Everything that is included on the left except this also includes a monthly One on One Coaching Session with James Kernan as your personal coach!

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