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The 5 Step Approach to Hiring The Best Sales Reps

“When looking to hire people, look for three essential qualities:
integrity, intelligence and energy. And if they don’t have the first,
the other two will kill you.”
- Warren Buffet -

Here is our 5-Step Approach to Hiring The Best Sales Reps

1. Detail the Position You Are Looking to Fill. Having clear expectations
regarding the desired knowledge, experience, duties and results is important.
This makes it easier to identify and attract candidates who are best suited
to your organizations’ needs and culture.

2. Create an Evaluation and Selection Process. A hiring process should help you
attract and identify the best candidates. The 3-Stage Interview Process should include;
1, Initial Interview including Q/A of Sales Scenarios. Find out exactly how they
think and perform with tough questions. 2, The 2nd Interview - with key staff to
see how they interact with your team and their personalities. Discuss goals and
the candidates business plan. Background checks and or Personality tests are
normally done at this stage. 3, The Final Interview - a final meeting to review
your comp plan and the offer letter.

3. Interview Around Core Competencies. Too often the interview becomes about
likability and going with the gut, rather than finding out if the candidate truly
possesses the traits to succeed in the position.

4. Share Your Expectations. Determine what the rep’s goals will be and how they
will be measured, held accountable, and rewarded before the interview so you can
share that information with the candidate. After all, how can an applicant know
whether they want the job and if they’ll be able to succeed without knowing what
will be required of them? Remember-they are interviewing you as much as you
are them.

5. Provide a Quality Onboarding and Training Program. The first day on the job
should be motivating and exciting for the new representative. First impressions
are lasting and make all the difference regarding their success and retention. Take
your new rep out for lunch and make them feel welcome. Share the company vision
and how they will be an integral part of both the team and the company’s success.
Communicate your expectations clearly and review the sales training as well as the
company orientation training with them so they get off to a strong start.

Remember ABR - Always Be Recruiting. Don’t wait until you have an opening
to start looking for new sales reps. Finding and retaining great people should be an
ongoing process and a commitment to excellence for your organization.

If you want more information on recruiting, testing or evaluating prospects,
give us a call.  Ask me about our Sales Tune-Up/Assessment