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Millionaire Mastermind Peer Groups Quarterly Meeting

Quarterly Peer Group Meeting, Sponsored by Kernan Consulting and The Wiser Agency

Kernan Consulting announces The 3 Step Millionaires Coaching Program

Kernan Consulting forms strategic partnership with The Wiser Agency to launch new program.

Leadership Essentials for Successful Executives

Business owners are dealing with more challenges than ever before. This book is filled with motivational quotes and business suggestions that will inspire you to take action. It will hopefully help you become more successful and profitable not only in your business but your life!

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How Do You Manage Fast Growth?

“Believe you can and you’re halfway there.”
- Theodore Roosevelt - 

Tips for Managing Fast Growth

#1:  Have a Growth Attitude:  As the leader in the business you set the pace and
tone for your company.  Create a growth mindset and share with your employees,
vendors and customers.  Growth follows the will to grow. 

#2: Create Your Plan. The first item every business should have is a business
plan. Without one, you will not get the results you desire. You must create a
plan to better market yourself. Consistent marketing is a key part of being
successful. Set goals and objectives as part of this plan. It must be in writing!

#3: Surround Yourself with Positive People. Get an accountability partner
that has positive attitude. This may be a neighbor, a co-worker, or a personal
coach. But no matter who it is, this person is charged with making sure you’re
striving for and reaching your goals. An outside perspective is essential.

#4:  Listen to the Market:  Be sure to always get input from key clients and
vendors regarding what your customers are asking for.  Ask and analyze what
they want so you can be sure to implement into your business offering.

#5:  Reinforce your Purpose and Values:  Train and encourage your employees
on the purpose, values and goals of the business.  It should become part of your
culture and understood by your entire team.  Leaders who remain focused on
your purpose and values will finish on top. 

Do this and you will be more successful and profitable!

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