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Accountability breeds response-ability

“Accountability breeds response-ability”
-Stephen R Covey-

The ability to hold your staff accountable is a key part of successful
Leadership. Your company needs an element of accountability where
employees are self-motivated to contribute to the overall success of the company.

Success happens when all staff are focused on the same goal. Everyone needs
to hear what the organization’s mission, vision and goals are…and be reminded
of them on a regular basis. For sales people, you can reinforce communications
of their goals by posting their performance DAILY in front of the entire team.
You will be surprised to see how well fellow employees help with accountability.
Make it a team effort and keep it positive.

Also be sure that everyone in the organization to understands how they contribute
to the overall goals of the company. Everyone from top to bottom should feel
like they own an important piece of the process in order for the organization’s
overall goal to be achieved.

My last point is also important. Know that a good commission or incentive plan is
a must. Employees can manage themselves if they are on the right commission plan.
This will help to keep them motivated and on track.

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