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Millionaire Mastermind Peer Groups Quarterly Meetings

Quarterly Peer Group Meeting, Sponsored by Kernan Consulting and The Wiser Agency

Kernan Consulting announces The 3 Step Millionaires Coaching Program

Kernan Consulting forms strategic partnership with The Wiser Agency to launch new program.

Leadership Essentials for Successful Executives

Business owners are dealing with more challenges than ever before. This book is filled with motivational quotes and business suggestions that will inspire you to take action. It will hopefully help you become more successful and profitable not only in your business but your life!

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Business Assessment Services

  • Business Review
    • Technology audit & review
    • Core Competency Development

  • Sales & Marketing Development

    • Marketing Plan Creation
    • Unique Selling Proposition Creation
    • Presentation Creation
    • Go to Market Strategy
    • Seminars and Campaigns

  • Incentive Plan Development & Management

    • Sales Incentive Plans
    • Sales Awards
    • Special Incentive Plans
    • Complete Financial & Reporting Management
    • Accountability Plans

  • Recruiting Consulting

    • Sales & Marketing Professionals
    • Onboarding and Training
    • Goal setting

  • Virtual Sales Management / Consulting

    • Sales Management Framework
    • Sales Management / Forecasting
    • Accountability and Development
    • QBR’s/Weekly Meetings

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