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Millionaire Mastermind Peer Groups Quarterly Meetings

Quarterly Peer Group Meeting, Sponsored by Kernan Consulting and The Wiser Agency

Kernan Consulting announces The 3 Step Millionaires Coaching Program

Kernan Consulting forms strategic partnership with The Wiser Agency to launch new program.

Leadership Essentials for Successful Executives

Business owners are dealing with more challenges than ever before. This book is filled with motivational quotes and business suggestions that will inspire you to take action. It will hopefully help you become more successful and profitable not only in your business but your life!

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Group Coaching Program

Do You Want to SUPERCHARGE Your Business?

Do you want to learn how to take your company from slow starter to super hot startup?

Join this intensive implementation course that will help you start and build your business to be the next multi-million dollar success story!
Yes, I want to be a Millionaire!!!
James Kernan Chris Wiser

Millionaire business gurus James Kernan and Chris Wiser bring you 3 Step Millionaires....

This Course Will Grow Your Business & Change Your Life...

We help business owners become better leaders. Our membership community equips you to grow yourself, your team and your business profits.
This program has the blueprint, tools and resources you need to become a multi-million dollar success.

Course Breakdown

Video Vault
Complete Video Vault
Watch our entire Business Blueprint Program on demand with workbooks and templates
Coaching Sessions
Weekly Online Coaching Sessions Join live weekly coaching that helps you directly implement our principles into your business.
MasterMind Meeting
MasterMind Peer Groups Engage in video conference calls with a small group of like minded and experienced business owners.
Direct Access
Direct Access to Coaches Gain email and chat access to our coaching team so we can answer your questions quickly
Online Tools and Templates Library Access to our HUGE library of ready to go templates and tools
Click Here to Start NowI'm Ready To Become a Millionaire!!

“Since I’ve been in the program, our NET income has risen 69%.”
- Malcomb McGee
CMIT of San Antonio

“We have done in the first quarter of this year what normally took us half a year to do in the past. Our goal is to hit $835,000 in revenue this year and $1.5M next year. I’m confident that as long as we follow your advice and take action, the tremendous tools and voice of experience you have given us will get us to our goals and beyond.”
- Pam Vivieros
Thinktech Computers

“We are projecting to double our sales within the next six months.”
- Wendy Gauntt
CIO Services