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Millionaire Mastermind Peer Groups Quarterly Meetings

Quarterly Peer Group Meeting, Sponsored by Kernan Consulting and The Wiser Agency

Kernan Consulting announces The 3 Step Millionaires Coaching Program

Kernan Consulting forms strategic partnership with The Wiser Agency to launch new program.

Leadership Essentials for Successful Executives

Business owners are dealing with more challenges than ever before. This book is filled with motivational quotes and business suggestions that will inspire you to take action. It will hopefully help you become more successful and profitable not only in your business but your life!

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One-2-One Business Coaching
Receive personal action plans, motivation and accountability from your Certified Business Coach.  Build a profitable business with monthly recurring revenues and find time for the important things in your life.

Mastermind Peer Group Programs
Get the powerful combination of customized coaching, accountability and synergy sessions with like-minded professionals from across North America.  These Peer Groups will focus on Sales, Marketing and results! James Kernan and Chris Wiser are the group facilitators. You will experience weekly accountability meetings, monthly trainings and quarterly face to face meetings with your peers. Be prepared to take your business to new heights.

3 Step Millionaires Online Coaching
Learn step-by-step how to implement our proven sales and marketing system into your business.  Access our interactive online forum of other business owners, training workbooks, recorded video/audio of each workbook, downloadable marketing materials, business tools and forms.  Bundled with a weekly accountability meeting

36 Month Millionaire Self Paced Coaching
Learn step-by-step how to implement our proven sales and marketing system into your business.  Learn at your own pace and access our online training workbooks, recorded audio of each workbook, downloadable marketing materials, business tools and forms.

Sales and Marketing Workshops
A one-day event with James Kernan, is designed exclusively for technology VARs and MSPs business owners. James will focus on the advanced sales and marketing strategies you need in order to win in today’s transitioning economy. Peer Group Coaching, and Board level One2One Coaching members can attend absolutely free!

Business Assessments
This In-Depth Business Analysis with your Business Coach collects valuable information about your business to help you set your goals and structure your action plan. Identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.  We will develop a plan of success for you or both of us to implement.

Vendor Services
If you’re a part of the channel, either as a distributor or as a vendor, the success of your solution providers is key to your own success.  Kernan Consulting is all about helping solution providers grow their business, and we have the programs available for you and your channel network to enable their continued growth.

  • Strategic Assessments & Market Intelligence
  • Peer Group Programs
  • Presentations, Keynotes & VAR Councils

Business Intelligence and Analytics
Gain insight. Make quicker and better quality decisions. Stay ahead of your competition.
Business Intelligence is not about technology, it is about making better quality decisions. Today we live in an increasingly complex world with a vast amount of data to digest and the critical need to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Business Intelligence and Analytics Services:

  • Business and Technology Strategy
  • Business Intelligence Feasibility Study
  • Technology Guidance and Consulting
  • Architecture, design, build, and ongoing support