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Kernan Consulting adds vCFO and Financial Services to its Offering

The company will now have the experience to help any level of financial service needs, including strategic financial support and interim CFO services.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Gain insight. Make quicker and better quality decisions. Stay ahead of your competition.

SD Business Summit Coming Spring 2014

Get the answers you need to grow the business you want - guaranteed.

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General Business Consulting

Ways We Can Help You Make More Money!

36-Month Millionaire Live Tele-Coaching Program

This is a live tele-coaching program with James Kernan, a VAR business owner who grew his near-bankrupt IT consulting business from $300,000 to $12 MILLION dollars in just 3 years and Robin Robins, Marketing Consultant and Author of the Technology Marketing Toolkit System. During this program, he will reveal his business framework of the 9 critical systems he implemented to turn a failing business around from big losses to HUGE profits.

Hundreds of businesses have successfully been through this program and realized incredible results.

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One-2-One Business Coaching

  • VP Package – monthly program, 1x monthly calls, strategy assistance and more
  • Exec Package – monthly program, 2x monthly calls, special projects, strategy assistance and more
  • Board Package – monthly program, 4x monthly calls, special projects, strategy assistance and more

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Group Consulting Programs

  • Chairman Package - quarterly, 1x monthly calls, 1x group owner advisory meeting

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General Business Consulting

  • Business Review
    • Technology audit & review
    • Core Competency Development
  • Sales & Marketing Development
    • Presentation Creation
    • Go to Market Strategy
    • Seminars and Campaigns
  • Incentive Plan Development & Management
    • Sales Incentive Plans
    • Sales Awards
    • Special Incentive Plans
    • Complete Financial & Reporting Management
    • Accountability Plans
  • Recruiting Consulting
    • Sales & Marketing Professionals
    • IT Professionals

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