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Kernan Consulting adds vCFO and Financial Services to its Offering

The company will now have the experience to help any level of financial service needs, including strategic financial support and interim CFO services.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Gain insight. Make quicker and better quality decisions. Stay ahead of your competition.

SD Business Summit Coming Spring 2014

Get the answers you need to grow the business you want - guaranteed.

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eStore - electronic documents and workbooks available for sale

The Kernan Consulting Estore is your all-in-one resource center for all types of documents you’re going to need for your business.

Business and Leadership Templates
Sales Templates
Marketing Templates
Sales Assessments Templates
Sales Management Templates
Service Delivery and Customer Service Templates
Leadership / Sales Management Workbooks
Self Paced Coaching

Leadership Essentials for Successful Executives

Don’t forget to checkout James’ newest book - Leadership Essentials for Successful Executives

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